Aziz Rebeiz
    After obtaining his degree in Interior Architecture and Design from ESAG Paris, and completing several projects in the Gulf region Mr. Rebeiz founded Aziz Rebeiz Est in 1982, in response to the needs of special kind of Customers, whose aspirations reflect a particular life-style.
Instilled with high level of energy and a future orientation vision, he embarked on one of the most exhilarating adventure, he pushed back technological frontiers created new job opportunities on the local market, ventured into new foreign markets, and in the process he was provided the opportunity to do what he enjoys the most ….
His objective has always been to eliminate the industrial constraints, which so often sacrifice the beauty for the bottom line. Faithful to the aesthetic compromise, hand in hand with skilled specialists, he achieved a fine record of projects successfully delivered with the highest quality and innovation, as well as the utmost value, thereby gaining and retaining the recognition, esteem and loyalty of his satisfied Clients, and positioned him as a prominent figure of interior design in the region.
Today, he is the chairman of REBEIZ & Associates, and Successful achievement is his primary motivating force "Earnings are simply a way of Keeping score of accomplishments" he says. This entrepreneurial spirit is the most significant economic development in one of our Lebanese business history.